Bishop Lamor Whitehead convicted fraud, extortion, making false statements
Bishop Lamor Whitehead via YouTube

Brooklyn’s “Bling Bishop” Lamor Whitehead will be going from the house of the Lord to the big house after he was convicted on Monday of fraud, attempted extortion, and lying to the FBI. 


Lamor Whitehead Convicted Of Fraud, Extortion, & Lying To Feds

A Manhattan jury found the 45-year-old murky man of God guilty of all counts, including wire fraud, attempted wire fraud, and attempted extortion.

Lamor Whitehead scammed Pauline Anderson, the elderly mother of a parishioner, out of $90,000 after he convinced her to invest the money in a home he promised to purchase and renovate for her.

Prosecutors say Lamor blew Ms. Anderson’s investment on personal expenses, including purchases at Louis Vuitton and Footlocker, and on BMW car payments. 

Whitehead also tried to get Brandon Belmont, an auto body shop owner to lend him $500,000 in return for personal favors from New York City Mayor Eric Adams. 

Lamor Whitehead claimed Adams was like his mentor and would “do whatever I wanted.” 

Eric Adams reportedly helped the Bishop turn his life around after serving five years in prison for identity theft and grand larceny.

During the trial, Prosecutor Jessica Greenwood said, “Whitehead lied, cheated, and stole to keep up a wealthy appearance. He used lies and threats to get money from his victims and when lies caught up to him, he lied to the FBI.” 

Lamor Whitehead has always maintained his innocence. 

He spoke out on Instagram following his arrest in December 2022.

 Live Stream Robbery

Bishop Lamor Whitehead is the pastor of the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in Carnsie. 

You may recall that he made national news in July 2022 when three masked men robbed him and his wife during his livestream service. 

The thieves allegedly made off with $1 million worth of jewelry including a $75,000 Rolex watch, a $75,000 Cavalier watch, a $25,000 ruby and diamond, and other valuables.

Following the robbery, Bishop Lamor Whitehead spoke with FOX 5 New York.

Two suspects in the robbery were arrested in September 2022. 

The third suspect, Shamar Leggette, was shot and killed by U.S. Marshals in New Jersey on January 24. 

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‘They Set Me Up’

In September 2022, Bishop Lamor Whitehead was accused of assaulting a woman who caused a disturbance at his church. 

Watch the video of the incident below. 

During a press conference, he claimed he was set up by bloggers in retaliation for lawsuits he had against them. 

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Bishop Lamor Whitehead Faces Decades Behind Bars

Bishop Lamor Whitehead was convicted on two counts of wire fraud, each carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years.

He was also convicted of one count of extortion, carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years, and one count of making false statements, which carries a maximum sentence of five years.

He is scheduled to be sentenced on July 1, 2024.


‘The Story Isn’t Over’

Following his conviction, Lamor took to Instagram on Tuesday (March 12), writing:

The story isn’t over…It’s just a new chapter…stay tune…

God is still God… They can all laugh now and talk…

After this… Jesus will still get the glory. 

Stay tuned for this new chapter called…truth and vindication! 

See his original post below. 

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