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Ice Cream Conversations, also known as Ice Cream Convos, is a popular and reputable media outlet serving delicious scoops of Entertainment and Celebrity News for over a decade.

Readers visiting Ice Cream Convos can stay abreast of breaking news and trending topics in entertainment, local, and celebrity news.

The site also features new trailers, release dates, and casting news for forthcoming films and television shows, sports news, as well as new music and videos from chart-topping recording artists. 

Love podcasts? We’ve got that too! Tune in to our weekly Ice Cream Convos Podcast for shenanigan-filled convos on the top stories in entertainment and celebrity news, as well as our exclusive celebrity interviews.

What sets Ice Cream Convos apart from other sites is our fresh, friendly, and fun approach to reporting entertainment and celebrity news. 

Our mission is to maintain an exceptional level of respect, accuracy, and integrity in our reporting.

Xaviera Bryant Founder CEO of Ice Cream Convos


Xaviera Bryant – Founder & CEO

Xaviera Bryant is the founder and CEO of Ice Cream Conversations. 

She’s a New Jersey native, who relocated to Atlanta in 1996 in search of a better life for herself and her family. 

Xaviera developed a love for writing while sharing her personal thoughts, opinions, and funny stories about her family on Myspace. 

In October 2010, she decided to create her own space on the world wide web and turned her love for pop culture, entertainment, and celebrity news into Ice Cream Conversations. 

Three years after launching the site, Xaviera resigned from her Accounts Payable position with a freight forwarding company to operate Ice Cream Convos as a full-time entrepreneur.

Xaviera Bryant has covered red carpets and attended movie premieres in New York, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.

She’s interviewed some of Hollywood’s biggest stars like Denzel Washington, as well as rising stars like Brandee Evans. 

Through Ice Cream Conversations, Xaviera has had the opportunity to work with amazing brands like NBC, Disney, Bounce TV, Lionsgate, Netflix, and Marvel Studios.

She also uses her knowledge and expertise to educate other online entrepreneurs through various online courses, consultations, and one-on-one training.

I’m living proof that hard work and dedication (with some shadowboxing and a few thug tears here and there) pays off.

I am sincerely grateful to anyone and everyone who has supported me along this amazing journey.

Today, Ice Cream Conversations has amassed millions of readers and ICC Friends across the world.


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