Bishop Lamor Whitehead Holds A Press Conference To Say He Was “Set Up” Over The Alleged Choking Altercation

New York Bishop Lamor Whitehead allegedly assaulted a woman at his church on Sunday (September 18), and he held a press conference Monday (September 19) claiming he was “set up” by bloggers.

According to Bishop Whitehead, two women were sent by bloggers @larryreidlive and @kingjive to intentionally disrupt his sermon in retaliation for the two pending lawsuits he has against them.

They Was Sent By The Two Bloggers @larryreidlive @kingjive That’s Why Those To Reported It First! These Are The Bloggers That I Have Law Suits Against And Now They Have Retaliated.

I Have More Video Of These Women That Set Up This Entire Attack On My Church. All you Have To Check out is ….. Who Reported It First And Why Do these To Bloggers Have So Much UnSeen Footage!

The People Have No life and they needed Contant So They Sent These Women On A Mission. Stand With Me Today”

He released footage on his Instagram account of one of the women casing his church prior to the altercation.

Watch the footage below of the altercation that took place in Bishop Whitehead’s Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in the Canarsie neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday.

Following the altercation @kingjiveshow and @larryreidlive posted the videos below to their Instagram accounts:

At Bishop Whitehead’s press conference on Monday, he expressed some ill feelings towards the police because he feels he was unjustly arrested.

He said the woman everyone claimed he choked was coming toward his wife, so he grabbed her and pushed her out of the way.

Bishop Whitehead said he’s been on high alert concerning the well-being of his family after they were recently robbed at gunpoint inside of his church in front of their congregation.

Watch Bishop Whitehead’s press conference over the alleged choking incident below:

According to the police, the woman was charged with two misdemeanors, trespassing and disrupting a service or funeral.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead was released with no charges.

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Source: TMZ

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