(L to R) Deundray Cottrell and Julian Morris

As Birmingham police continue their search for Julian Morris as a person of interest in the suspicious death of Deundray Cottrell, Morris’ attorney has released a statement.

The statement, issued by Victor Revill, Esq. of the Revill Law Firm, reads:

To Whom It May Concern,

Mr. Morris is a college-educated veteran who has served his country faithfully as a Marine. He has no prior misdemeanor or felony convictions.

Despite the false narratives that are being promulgated about him in this situation, he loved Deundray Cottrell and is currently grieving the death of his loved one.

Mr. Morris wants answers as well and is awaiting those answers after a full and thorough investigation has been completed.

Under the advice of counsel, he will not be giving any further statements at this time.

On the 4th of July, Deundray Cottrell and Julian Morris traveled from Atlanta to Birmingham to visit Deundray’s sister, Angelica Harris.

Around 10 p.m., Deundray said he was going upstairs to check on his dog because of the fireworks.

Deundray Cottrell vanished and was found deceased two days later inside of a shed.

Julian Morris, the last person to see Deundray alive, told his family that he simply ran off.

Angelica Harris, Deundray’s sister, told WVTM 13 that the entire time they were searching for her brother, Julian Morris was “trying to explain himself” to her mother.

Harris then recalled Julian casually telling her that he put Deundray in a house.

“I was like, hey, he’s in a house like he’s in a house. Dude just told me calm, cool, and collected that he’s in a house. We got to go look in houses,” she said.

Deundray Cottrell’s shoe was found outside of a shed two blocks away from Angelica’s home.

Detectives discovered his body inside the shed on Saturday.

Tim Cottrell, Deundray’s little brother, took on the task of identifying his body.

“I took on that challenge, knowing that my sister and my mom probably wouldn’t be able to accept it. And I’m okay with it,” Tim said.

Police have named Julian Morris as a person of interest in the case, but he has not been charged at this time.

“That’s hurtful, too, because, like, my mom was there, staring her son’s killer in the eye,” Tim Cottrell said.

The Birmingham, Alabama, police department has released a statement saying they respect Julian’s wish not to provide a statement in their investigation.

Julian Morris was the last person to see and/or hear from Deundray Cottrell before his disappearance.

He is currently a “person of interest” in this investigation, which means we believe he holds crucial information in this case.

Julian Morris was seen by and spoke with BPD officers BEFORE Deundray’s body was discovered.

Since Deundray Cottrell’s body was discovered, Julian Morris, his family, and his legal counsel have NOT spoken with BPD detectives.

BPD respects Julian Morris’ wish not to provide a statement.

We appreciate the community’s support for Deundray and his family as BPD Homicide detectives continue to pursue justice in the Deundray Cottrell Homicide Investigation.

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I will keep you updated on any new developments in this case.

Please keep the Cottrell family uplifted in prayer.

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