Lakrisha Isaac sentenced to five years in prison.

Lakrisha Isaac, 33, has been sentenced to five years in prison for her involvement in the fatal shooting of Lashun Rodgers, 41, during a barbecue in Orlando, Florida, in May 2022. 

This sentencing follows the shocking incident where Isaac’s 10-year-old daughter pulled the trigger, ending Rodgers’ life.

According to reports from ClickOrlando, WESH, and the Orlando Sentinel, the confrontation between Isaac and Rodgers escalated rapidly. 

Lashun Rodgers (via Facebook)

Both women lived at the Jernigan Garden Apartments in Orlando.

The Orlando Sentinel detailed that the Memorial Day altercation was sparked by a social media post made by Rodgers. 

During the ensuing fight, Lakrisha Isaac handed her daughter a backpack containing a gun. 

The young girl then used the weapon to shoot Rodgers in the head, resulting in her death.

Lashun’s boyfriend claimed he heard the girl shout, ”She shouldn’t have hit my momma.”

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Isaac was charged with four felony counts, including involuntary manslaughter and child neglect.

As part of a plea deal with prosecutors, she pleaded no contest in May 2024. 

This deal significantly reduced her potential sentence from the maximum 20 years to five years in prison. 

She will also receive a 128-day credit toward her sentence for the days she’s already spent in jail.

Despite the legal resolution, the victim’s family expressed their dissatisfaction with the sentence. 

“The slap on the wrist and the pat on the back that the court has given you today is not okay,” Sharetta Rodgers, the victim’s sister, stated in court, according to the Sentinel. 

“It’s not okay to take a life and this is not justified. And this is not justice for Lashun Rodgers.”

The aftermath of the shooting has also profoundly impacted Lakrisha Isaac’s daughter, who remains in juvenile detention. 

According to WESH, no formal charging decision had been made regarding the girl as of May 2024. 

ClickOrlando reported that she was arrested following the incident, making her the youngest person in Florida ever arrested for murder, but her future remains uncertain.

The emotional toll of this incident was palpable in the courtroom. 

Laura Chambliss, Rodgers’ mother, expressed her deep sorrow and loss. 

“I love and miss her so much,” Chambliss said, as reported by WESH. “God is the final judge.”

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Source: Click Orlando

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