Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead Speaks Out, After Being Robbed Of Over $1 Million Of Jewelry During a Livestreamed Service

Two suspects were arrested on Wednesday morning in connection to the robbery of Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead.

Bishop Whitehead was live-streaming his Sunday service at Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministry in Canarsie on July 24 when three masked gunmen stormed the church.

The suspects reportedly made off with $1 million worth of jewelry. 

The two men, both 23, were taken into custody on Wednesday (September 28) and are facing federal robbery charges for allegedly pulling guns on Bishop Lamor Whitehead inside of his church.

Bishop Whitehead feels vindicated by the arrests as there was speculation and rumors that he may have staged the robbery for clout. 

“The last two months were hell. This clears up the whole narrative that I had something to do with this crime. It’s a new beginning.”

The names of the two suspects, Juan Anderson, 23, of Brooklyn, and Saquon Pollack, 24, of Brooklyn, are expected to be arraigned in Brooklyn Federal Court on Wednesday afternoon.

A third man is still being sought, federal authorities said.

Source: NY Daily News

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