Laura Dadisman (Courtesy of Netflix)

Laura Dadisman did not attend the “Love Is Blind” Season 6 Reunion Show in person – she participated virtually leaving viewers (like myself) wondering why.

In Season 4, Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas attended the reunion virtually, claiming that they had received death threats.

Laura Dadisman Reveals Why She Attended The ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6 Reunion Virtually

Was something sinister going on with Laura? 

I wanted to know – so I went searching for answers. 

Turns out Laura Dadisman was on an international business trip.

She took to Instagram writing: 

When you take a break from your intl business trip to ✨handle business✨

…shout out to @zoom and my tiny laptop light for making it possible!! 😂

#loveisblindS6 #loveisblindreunion

See Laura’s original post below. 

Her castmate, Brittany Mills commented on the post writing, “Standing on business baby 🔥

Jessica Vestal, the Eipen-invoking cast member, wrote, “Having to call in from another country to attend the reunion is such a flex 😮‍💨😍

Laura & Jeramey 

Jeramey Lutinski and Laura Dadisman on ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6 (Courtesy of Netflix)

Laura Dadisman, a 34-year-old account director, made a connection with Jeramey Lutinski, a 32-year-old intralogistics, in the pods and he ultimately proposed. 

Unfortunately, their engagement was short-lived after Jeramey linked up with his other pod connection, Sarah Ann Bick, on a late-night rendezvous until 5 am.

Jeramey was also outed for allegedly being engaged while parlaying in the pods looking for a new love connection. 

He took to social media to clear the air and clean up the timeline of events.

Will you be watching the Love Is Blind” Season 6 Reunion Show on Wednesday, March 13, on Netflix?

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