Vikings’ Dalvin Cook Accuses Woman Of Domestic Abuse & Extortion

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Dalvin Cook, running back for the Minnesota Vikings, was a victim of domestic abuse and extortion according to his agent Zac Hiller.

This seems to be an attempt by Dalvin’s agent to get ahead of the story.

The story, according to Pro Football Talk:

Approximately a year ago, a female sergeant in the U.S. military broke into Dalvin’s home and attacked him in front of his house guest.

The alleged attacker tried to extort Dalvin Cook out of millions of dollars claiming he injured her during the course of the attack.

Sounds like she popped up at his crib and found out that she was girlfriend #2, to me.

No criminal complaints have been filed related to the incident, but according to Hiller litigation is in the process of being initiated.

This story is still developing.

Your thoughts?

Source: Pro Football Talk NBC Sports

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