Lyfe Jennings robbed in Oakland

Lyfe Jennings took to social media with another storytime claiming he was robbed of $120,000 in jewelry and other items while in Oakland, California.

The “Stick Up Kid” singer was in the city to perform four sold-out shows at Yoshi’s when the theft occurred.

Lyfe took to social media over the weekend and said that he was hesitant to share he had been robbed.

He said that he ultimately decided to share his experience because “a lot of things that happen in your life are meant to be spoke on so somebody else can get something from it.”

In the video, posted on his Instagram page, Lyfe said:

I got down to Oakland and I pulled up to this spot – again another place I wasn’t supposed to be.

Pulled up to a spot and went inside. So some cats blew up and basically busted the windows out the thing and stole my lil bookbag.

It was like $120,000 worth of jewelry, my computer, my ID, passport, credit cards…all that sh*t.

Lyfe Jenning shared that he was upset, but he took accountability for putting himself in a potentially dangerous situation and seemingly made a reference to the tragic death of PnB Rock.

And of course, I was upset by the sh*t. I just started thinking like, ‘It could have went all the way left I was somewhere I shouldn’t even have been.

That sh*t could have went all the way left. I could have had that sh*t on me and them n***as could have came in like the one homie and took it or tried to anyway.’

Watch the video posted on Lyfe’s Instagram page below.

According to KTVU FOX 2, Oakland Police stated as of Tuesday morning Lyfe Jennings has not filed a police report in connection to his alleged robbery.

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