PNB Rock

PnB Rock Fatally Shot In Los Angeles

It’s with a heavy heart that I report PnB Rock was shot and killed inside a Los Angeles Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles on Monday (September 12) afternoon.

The rapper was dining with his girlfriend, Steph, who posted a photo of their meal and their location on social media. 

Around 1:30 p.m. PST, police received a call for a shooting victim. 

Sources connected to the restaurant told TMZ that it appeared that PNB Rock was targeted by the shooter because no one else was shot or assaulted.

Following the shooting, the suspect snatched PNB’s jewelry and fled the scene.

The rapper was pronounced dead at 1:59 p.m.

Video Of PnB Rock Shooting

Sadly after the shooting occurred, someone else in the restaurant began recording.

The deeply disturbing video appears to show PnB laying on the floor in blood fighting for his life as people frantically try to render aid.

Social Media Reacts

The public has taken to social media to react to the news of PnB’s shooting as well as the graphic video that is circulating online.

One person wrote, “Damn, this PnB Rock news is wild. Also, I think it’s f**ked up that folks on here are blaming his girlfriend. I think she’s in a very bad place already after seeing her boyfriend get shot. She doesn’t need to be blamed for the actions of a person who’s out here robbing people.”

Read more tweets below.

Who Is PnB Rock?

PnB Rock, whose real name is Rakim Hasheem Allen, was a 30-year-old American rapper and singer hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In 2017, he was featured in XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class and he is best known for his hit singles, “Selfish” and “Gang Up.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first attempt on the rapper’s life.

In a recent interview with DJ Akademiks, PnB opened up about other times people have “tried” him.

Watch the clip below.

My sincerest condolences and prayers go out to PnB Rock’s family and all who knew and loved him.

Stop the senseless violence.