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Clout don’t care who chases it! Lyfe Jennings took to social media on Sunday night to share a “Fun Fact” about knowing, being in jail with and singing for serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

WTF Lyfe Jennings

Since the release of Ryan Murphy‘s limited series, “MONSTER – The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix, there’s been a renewed interest and a lot of chatter surrounding the serial killer, who preyed on Black and Brown gay men in Milwaukee during the late 80s and early 90s.

It now appears Lyfe Jennings is trying to ride the wave and get a piece of the action with his super weird flex.

The “Must Be Nice” singer took to his Instagram page on Sunday night writing, “Fun Fact: I knew Jeffrey Dahmer. We were in prison together for a couple of months.” 

In the caption, Lyfe added, “I could tell yall some weird stories… don’t believe it? Look it up.. 1992 recieving, my number 268192 his 227501.”

“Gonna tell one story on a reel tonight.. sh*t gonna trip u out. Tonight at 12.”

As promised, Lyfe Jennings delivered his Story Time at the stroke of midnight.

He began by sharing that he knew the “lil homie” but they weren’t “friends or anything like that.” 

Lyfe clarified that he didn’t really know who Jeffrey was because he didn’t have access to TV or radio while locked up.

According to the singer, after a few days in maximum security together, Jeffrey would ask him for cigarettes. 

Lyfe Jennings went on to explain that while he was completing his tasks as a “porter,” someone who cleans the railings and mops and sweeps the floor, he would sing. 

The singer claims Jeffrey Dahmer told him he liked R&B and asked Lyfe to sing Mint Condition’s “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)” for him.

Lyfe sang the song for him.

Apparently, Jeffrey enjoyed the tune because Lyfe said he was “beating on the door.” 

While wrapping up his Story Time, Lyfe teased another story about Jeffrey and said he would share it later.

Many are calling CAP on Lyfe Jennings’ Story Time because the singer is 44 years old and if he was indeed locked up with Jeffrey Dahmer, he would have been a 14-year-old in a maximum security prison.

I don’t know much about the prison system aside from the eight-hour bid I had at Dekalb County Jail.

So, I cannot confirm the validity of Lyfe’s prison record.

UPDATE: It appears the attention, criticism, and backlash Lyfe received for his “Dalmer” stories has been too much to bear.

The singer has been going back and forth with folks online and on Thursday (October 6) he announced he was going to delete his Instagram page.

See the posts below.

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