Lyfe Jennings - Jeffrey Dahmer

Lyfe Jennings took to the streets of Instagram on Friday and admitted he’s “seriously considering” not doing any more lives shows.

The “Must Be Nice” singer recently went viral earlier this month after someone uploaded videos from one of his live shows where his vocals weren’t the very best.

Watch the videos below.

The video ended up on various blog sites and people tore him to shreds in the comment sections of the posts.

Despite his various “I don’t care” social media posts, the criticism penetrated Lyfe Jennings and has now given him a complex when performing.

In a post on his Instagram Story, the singer wrote, “Just did my first show since all this sh*t and um seriously considering not doing show nomore.”

“I be too much in my head now. Everytime I see a phone pointed at me I just be thrown…feel like I don’t love this nomore.”

See Lyfe’s original post below.

Lyfe Jenning Instagram Story

I’ve been following Lyfe Jennings on social media long enough to know he’s just in his feelings right now.

On several occasions, Lyfe has announced he was deleting his socials (especially after the whole Jeffrey Dahmer thing), but once he gets out of his feelings he’s okay.

Hopefully, this too shall pass and he will continue to sing and earn a living with his talent.

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