Joe Budden Releases ‘The Joe Budden Podcast - An Inside Look’

Joe Budden has taken his recent “Pod Father” shout-out from the Emmy-winning show, “Abbott Elementary,” to the next level with his release of “The Joe Budden Podcast – An Inside Look.”

The 25-minute video is a look inside the JBP from the Pod Father’s perspective himself.

Joe begins the video with the statement, “I f***ing hate all of you guys… on everything!” while addressing his pod family.

From there, the comedic video shows how Joe preps before the show by interacting with each member of the podcast and telling them that they are getting out-poded by their pod mates.

He also let them know if they don’t make changes soon he might have to make some changes.

Joe seals the manipulative yet strategic convos with his pod members with the statement, “friends forever.”

He then gives a pie chart breakdown of who should get the most talk time on the podcast.

Throughout the video, different pod members comment on how they perceive Joe’s podding process.

Watch “The Joe Budden Podcast – An Inside Look” below:

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