Ray J & ‘The Breakfast Club’ Attempt To Rationalize 50 Cent’s Alleged Disrespectful Act During A Pitch Meeting

Ray J’s recent visit to “The Breakfast Club” left DJ Envy and Charlemagne perplexed and wondering whether or not Ray J was telling the truth about his pitch meeting with 50 Cent.

According to Ray J, he was in a pitch meeting with 50 Cent set up by the actor Jackie Long, and during the FaceTime meeting, 50 Cent got up and took a dump while still on the camera.

One conversation me and Jackie had with 50… Um, 50 was moving around…

I don’t know if he didn’t like our idea or he liked it and he was just like, let me just, like, I got to get it in before I get on the plane.

But, Fifth don’t be mad at me, but Fifth just took a sh*t in our meeting…

We’re on FaceTime, Jackie Long set it up and 50 took a dump on the meeting that I had when I was on a pitch…

Ray said he thinks maybe 50 didn’t like the idea and literally sh***ed on it.

Charlemagne and Envy tried to rationalize the act for a while.

Then, Charlemagne told Ray J he doesn’t believe Mr. Curtis is going to like him putting this story out.

After becoming more agitated by Ray J’s story, Charlemagne told him that he doesn’t believe him.

Watch the clip of the Ray J interview from “The Breakfast Club” below:

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