Lyfe Jennings Implies That Mario Is A Cornball & A Goofy For Criticizing His Singing

Lyfe Jennings recently implied that Mario is a “cornball” and “a goofy” for using a hand-over-the-face emoji to in response to a viral video of one of his performances.

Watch the clip from Lyfe’s performance below:

Mario simply commented on the video clip:

Lyfe responded to Mario’s comment:

@marioworldwide that’s why I f**k with the rappers. R and B n***** be fake AF. So much I can say but my number speak for themselves and my rep do too

Lyfe said he felt like his “vocal standoff was impetuous at the time” in his mind, but he quickly contradicted himself by saying sometimes you’re not always at your A-game.

He also said that he hangs out with rap cats because they are more supportive and they stick together more than R&B cats.

Lyfe admitted that he has no plans on creating an album right now, but he would rather focus on making meaningful singles and visuals connected to those singles that people will be able to live with.

He said he is extremely proud of his controversial video “Till You Gone” because it was the first video that he did everything himself, and now that he’s an independent artist he has the freedom to create the visuals he wants.

Visuals that he feels are needed to move “people the wrong way.”

Watch Lyfe Jennings expound in the video below:

Watch Lyfe’s “Till You Gone” video below:

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Source: TMZ

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