In the “Love & Marriage Huntsville” Season 6 premiere, we learned that Kimmi Scott’s doctors found no trace of cancer in her body, and Stormi Steele and Melody Holt’s friendship is in flux.

Kimmi gathered her friends and family at X Golf Huntsville to celebrate the milestone of her getting past chemo, and she was ecstatic to share the news that her doctor told her that he didn’t see any cancer in her body.

I appreciate everybody coming out, um, because this was like a celebration of the first milestone of me getting past chemo.

We went to the doctor Friday, and when the doctor came in and read the Pet Scan, he said that they don’t see anything!…

He said they don’t see anything.

The radiologist actually thought I already had surgery because there was absolutely nothing that he saw on the Pet Scan.

So that was an insane breath of fresh air for us, in this journey.

I still have to have the surgery because they still go in and take out the area where the tumor was.

And we still have to do radiation, but this is a blessing!

The room was overcome with emotion to hear the joy in Kimmi’s voice as she delivered the great news.

After Kimmi’s announcement, Stormi took the opportunity to pull Melody to the side to check the temperature of their relationship.

The Canvas Beauty Brand founder asked Melody what was up with them because she’s been trying to call and text her, but she wasn’t getting any responses.

Melody said she didn’t feel like anything was going on with them, but she did change her number and really hasn’t been communicating with anyone.

Stormi told Mel she didn’t know she had changed her number, and she continued to text her because they are big on texting, but when she didn’t get a reply, she wondered what was going on.

Melody told Stormi she could’ve DM’d her, but Stormi said she doesn’t move like that.

It hit me when she tells me, ‘Oh I should’ve DM’d her’ because I don’t have a friend on this planet who would tell me to DM them when they changed their number.

It made absolutely no sense to me.

“Love & Marriage: Huntsville” viewers are starting to see a pattern when it comes to Melody Holt’s friendships.

One commenter wrote:

Destiny part 2 storyline…does Mel have a pattern???

I wholeheartedly agree with Stormy.

Sis if I was your friend you would have sent me your new number

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