Love & Marriage Huntsville Reunion: Carlos King Gets Emotional While Breaking Down Martell’s Tough Guy Persona

Carlos King, “Love & Marriage Huntsville” creator and host of the Season 3 Reunion, got very emotional while discussing Martell Holt putting on a tough exterior to hide that he is hurting inside after losing Melody.

Carlos’ assessment of Martell came after he struggled to admit that he missed his family and the life he used to have before his divorce.

Carlos, being a huge fan of Melody and Martell, started shedding tears while telling Martell what he thinks is happening with him.

Martell, this is what I think is happening with you. I think you are troubled inside, because you don’t want to show this side of you for some reason.

And I don’t understand why. And my concern for you…

I’m very concerned about you!

I‘m concerned about you because I feel like at one point, you had this great heart. And I think you’re so angry.

I think you feel like you have to put up this facade, of being tough and being strong.

You’re so afraid of showing people that I made a mistake.

I think you’re still in love with Melody, and I think it’s okay to say that.

When you say I miss that, that is your family.

And at the end of the day this woman is your family. And your children, kids feel energy.

And I think for the longest time, kids felt energy of you two being in a bad place.

The thing about Melody and Martell, it’s magic when you two are together.

I think you’re sad.

And I think when you have these outbursts of anger, I think you do that because you’re so afraid of being vulnerable.

You’re so afraid to just admit that I miss my family.

Martell was left with a look of bewilderment on his face. He did admit that he regrets the mistakes he made in his marriage.

Melody was also very emotional during Carlos’ assessment, and she said her emotions were due to the situation with the divorce and the children being involved.

She also said, after being divorced for nearly two years, that she’s done, and she would’ve never thought she would’ve had children with a man that she ended up not even liking.

Watch the clip from the “Love & Marriage Huntsville” Reunion Part 3 below:

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