‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’:Martell Holt Apologizes To Melody & Takes 100% Accountability For Causing Their Divorce

In “Love & Marriage Huntsville” Season 5, Episode 13, Martell Holt unexpectedly had a private table reserved for him and his ex-wife, Melody Holt during a family outing, and he apologized and took 100% accountability for causing their divorce.

Melody’s mother and Martell’s mother watched the kids while they chatted.

Martell went into the conversation seeking answers to why Melody stopped doing certain things for him during their marriage, and the conversation got a little spicy, but he was able to put a smile on Mel’s face after he apologized for being the cause of their divorce.

I’m accepting all the 100% accountability for everything that I’ve done.

Because I know that what I did was the ultimate cause of our demise, period.

I am sorry. I’m sorry for the things I put you through, sorry for the things that I put the family the kids through, and things like that.

So I still will apologize because it was major.

We had our lives planned out, the kids’ lives planned out.

And some of the stupidity that I put forth in me feeling that…

Me pointing the finger at you for things you weren’t doing, where I should not have.

I should’ve been pointing at myself to be a better person within our marriage.

And I feel now that I can sit here and apologize because I know that I did wrong… You know?

So yeah, that’s why I wanted to sit down.

I wanted to do that, apologize for real to you while we’re in a good space and hopeful that you receive it well.

You follow me?…

The smile on Mel’s face as she told Martell she received his apology was as if she had been waiting for that apology for years.

Watch the video clip from “Love & Marriage Huntsville” below:

The next day, Mel discussed with her mother the experience of having Martell on the Destin family vacation trip and her outlook on them moving forward.

Watch the video clip from “Love & Marriage Huntsville” below:

In case you missed it, Martell Holt had an affair with Arionne Curry during his marriage and welcomed a baby boy with his mistress.

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