Martell Holt Says Melody Holt Kept His Kids Away From Him For 56 Days

Martell Holt took to the streets of Instagram on Sunday and he had a lot to get off of his chest.

The “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star accused his ex-wife, Melody Holt, of keeping his children away from him for 56 days and as a result, he missed his daughters’ birthday.

Martell also accused Melody of taking legal action against him, telling lies, and keeping his children from being able to see or contact him.

“Shame on you,” he wrote in a lengthy message on his Instagram page.

Martell Holt shared the joy of being reunited with his kids, but he also shared how emotional they were.

He wrote:

My kids cried when they saw me talking about his much they missed me and wanted to see me and talk to me.

The reality TV star went on to share how he no longer has a desire to film for “Love & Marriage: Huntsville,” which returns next Saturday (March 19) on OWN.

This is my real life. I don’t even want to film anymore, it’s a difference between reality TV and real life. 

My kids lives matter. I won’t settle for anything less than what’s best for my children and that’s ????

See Martell’s original post below.

On a brighter note, Martell finally got to celebrate his daughters’ birthdays and they had a blast.

He wrote:

FINALLY, over 1 month later I’m able to celebrate my beautiful girl’s birthday. Shame! Someone stripped 56 days from this amazing father, but I’m back!

The girls have this favorite YouTuber, so we flew to Washington DC to meet Piper and her “squad”.????????‍♂️????

Happy 10th birthday to my 1st born and Happy birthday to my beautiful 6 year old.

See his original post below.

Divorce is tough and it can be ugly when children are involved.

I know there are three sides to every story, but I am praying for all parties involved.

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  1. Mr. Holt, you should have thought of all this before you cheated. If you so love and respect your children you would not have done what you did.
    There are better looking, smarter and more successful men than you are. So get that straight. To me you are a loser and no better than a dog in heat.
    Take responsibility!!! Being a real man is showing restrained, strength, control, and most of all respect for your wife and children. So stop whining, you are guilty!!
    As for the new baby boy, he is the innocent victim in all this as are the other children with your ex-wife. You are the cause. Shame on you, Mr. Holt. You are a sad excuse for a man, father and husband.

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