Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star LaTisha Scott took to the streets of social media to warn a “fan” to “stop f**kin with me.”

In the now-deleted Instagram post, LaTisha blasted the woman, who reached out to her asking for a comment or direct quote in regards to Tisha’s arrest record being released online.

Apparently, the woman texted the following message to Tisha’s personal phone number:

Hi there, Would you like to make a public comment in regards to your arrest record being released online? Would love to chat with you about it & get a direct quote.

LaTisha Scott put the phone number she received the text from in CashApp and it populated the woman’s name and her image.

The “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star posted the text, the CashApp info, and the woman’s photo on her Instagram page with the following warning:

I received this message from this young lady on my personal cell.

I understand that you enjoy the show and thanks for watching, but I this is when fans turn to fanatics.

In regards to anything I have ever experienced in my past, I suggest that you do your research and make sure you have the correct informationa nd report 100% facts.

Your attempt to slander and embarrass me will last about 48 hours.

I would hate for this to affect YOU financially for a much longer timeframe.

#StopF*ckinWithMe #EnjoyTheShow #LatishaScott #LAMH

See her original statement below.

LaTisha Scott warns fan to leave her alone

One thing about the Scotts is they won’t hesitate to threaten to blow your world up if you try them.

Lest we forget how Marsau Scott stopped Tisha’s cousin Keke from spilling their tea after he threatened to burn everything down.

I’m not sure how the young lady got Tisha’s personal number, but it seems like she was seeking a statement.