'Black Ink Crew': Ceaser Fires Crystal, Vanity, Bae, & Tatti

Ceaser fired Crystal, Vanity, Bae, and Tatti for putting the Black Ink Crew brand at risk by fighting at a bar in Florida.

The crew was still at the “Black Ink Crew” boot camp, but the night of the incident, they decided to go out to a bar to unwind.

Production came in to let the ladies know that their actions put the whole show in jeopardy.


Ceaser didn’t mince his words at all when he addressed the situation in front of the group.

He made a valid point about all the women that were involved in the fight being business owners, and as business owners, they should know better.

After scolding them for almost destroying the brand that took him 10 years to build, he called the ladies out by name and fired them.

Imma chose my words carefully.

We no longer can go back, and I got to go forward.

Effective immediately, Nychelle, Draya, I want y’all to pack y’all bags and come to New York.

As far as the four in that incident, Crystal, Vanity, Bae, and Tati y’all officially fired.

‘Watch the clip for “Black Ink Crew” below:

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