Young Bae implied that a Black customer was too dark to get a full-color tattoo on the most recent episode of “Black Ink Crew New York.”

When Bae was confronted about the customer’s complaint she said she felt like she was doing her job by letting the customer know how the tattoo would look after the healing process.

Honestly, I don’t think Bae meant any harm, but her word selection could’ve been a lot better.

Watch the video below:

Bae felt like her co-workers in the shop were coming down on her so she took it upon herself to take some days off.

When Ceaser found out about the Bae situation he felt that it was an extremely bad look for a Black-owned tattoo shop to imply that a Black person is too dark to get a color tattoo.

And, he contemplated firing Young Bae.

Watch the video below:

Ceaser did not fire young Bae from “Black Ink Crew,” instead he turned the situation into a teachable moment by having one of his industry friends give his employees a master class on tattooing dark skin.

What are your thoughts on the incident?