Ceaser Emanuel may have jumped out of the frying pan into the fire after accusing his ex-girlfriend, Suzette Samuels, of leaking the security camera footage of him abusing his dog with a folding chair.

During an appearance on “OnThaRadar” podcast, the former “Black Ink Crew” star said:

It’s like bro, you pulled that out your @ss because I left you!?

Like this is what I’m saying…like…it’s like the entitlement like…if I can’t have him nobody can have him!

He went on to say Suzette was dangling the footage over his head.

Ceaser said:

You know how I felt having that dangled over your head like, ‘Yo, you buggin!’

For years! And finally, after I sit here and say that I’m single the next day that drops?!

Ceaser went on to say the video is so old “it’s ridiculous that we are even talking about it.”

Watch the clip below where he also addresses being fired by VH1.

What I find interesting is when TMZ interviewed Ceaser, he never said the video was old.

He just said that he felt like he was being set up.

Well, Suzette took to her Instagram Story with a response to Ceaser and it only made his situation worse.

Suzette shared a photo of her badly bruised leg with the caption:

I tried not to do this to you but here we go

You know I know EVERYTHING you’re an abuser!!

Member Christmas time when u found that dude in my dm?!

This was the result

U played with the wrong one!

You used the network to manipulate me and threatens to use the show to destroy my brand for months

I left you your birthday Weekend stop playin!

See her original post below.

Suzette Samuels accuses Ceaser Emanuel of abuse

Ironically, Suzette Samuels stood 10 toes down with Ceaser when he faced allegations of abusing his daughter, Cheyenne.

Now, she’s outing him for abusing her.

Speaking of Cheyenne, she also took to social media on Monday to respond to her father’s interview.

See her posts courtesy of TSR.

At this point, Ceaser needs to seek counseling and work to make amends with all of the women he has hurt…starting with his daughter.

Your thoughts?