'Black Ink Crew' Cast Reacts To VH1 Cutting Ties With Ceaser Emanuel On The Final Episode Of Season 10A

On the much anticipated final episode of “Black Ink Crew,” the cast reacts to 10 years of the show coming to an end after being informed that VH1 has decided to cut ties with brand CEO Ceaser Emanuel due to his actions in a dog abuse video.

Prior to the meeting with the executive producer of the show, Treiva Williams, the cast members had already viewed the dog abuse video, and they knew that Ceaser had put himself and the brand in a very difficult position.

So the tension in the room was thick when Treiva started the meeting to address the future of Black Ink.

She started the meeting by asking how everyone was feeling, and her question was met with “nervous, anxious, concerned, I’m all over the place.”

Treiva then shared with the group her reaction after seeing the video.

So my reaction when I saw the video was, like, this ain’t good.

I will say this, in talking with Ceaser he continues to be very accountable and rings true the things that he said to everybody… You know, one thing can take us down.

He understood that immediately. 

So, ultimately, the network has decided to cut ties with him effective immediately…

The last time I filmed with him is the last time I filmed with him…

What I know for sure today is that as it stands now this is a final episode for season 10A of ‘Black Ink’…

What I’m saying is this is our final episode of this season…

I would say that I have genuinely grown to love and care about everyone.

And, very personally, you know, I am a woman of faith.

What I take into practice is that even the things that I could not imagine good could come from, good has come from.

You guys are artists, your creatives, if there’s an opportunity to continue then maybe all of you, some of you, individually, collectively, rise up and dig out a person that’s inevitably in each and every one of you.

Trevia’s words of encouragement landed well on the group, but they all were visibly in shock that the show was coming to an end.

A lot of the cast members expressed what “Black Ink ” has meant to them and how unfair, hurtful, and crazy it feels to hear that it has come to an end.

Watch the clip from the final episode of season 10A of “Black Ink Crew” below:

There has been a lot of speculation over who leaked the dog abuse tape, but nothing has been confirmed.

The CEO of Black Ink, Ceaser Emanuel, took to his Instagram account to express his gratitude for the 10 years of love, laughs, and lessons he experienced from the show.

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