Ceaser Emanuel Reveals That VH1 Made $1.2 Billion in 10 Years Off Of ‘Black Ink’

Ceaser Emanuel recently appeared on the “BagFuel” podcast and said that his lawyer told him VH1 made $1.2 billion in advertising dollars from “Black Ink Crew” in 10 years.

Ceaser Emanuel On ‘Black Ink Crew’

Bro, I was just curious, right?… It was just curiosity, right?

I had my lawyer look into this, like, ‘How much advertising money ‘Black Ink’ made?’ Right… For the whole 10-year span.

Bro, when he brought the numbers back, I pissed my pants almost, bro.

… 1.2 billion. Off of 10 years of advertising.

Bro, I gave y’all 1.2 billion… WHAT?

The whole cast didn’t even get 1% of that, bro!

All right, that’s my bad, y’all got that, now it’s my turn to eat now.

Watch the clip from the “BagFuel” podcast that Ceaser Emanuel posted on his IG below.

During the podcast, Ceaser also talked about how the knowledge he gained over the years from being an executive producer on “Black Ink Crew” has helped him develop his daytime talk show and encouraged him to create his streaming service.

Watch the full clip from the “BagFuel” podcast below.

Animal Cruelty

You may recall that VH1 severed their working relationship with Ceaser Emanuel after a video of him abusing his dogs went viral on social media.

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He was later arrested in July 2022 on two misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty and one felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals.

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According to Ceaser’s lawyer, the video was recorded during COVID lockdown and possibly leaked by his ex-girlfriend, Suzette Samuel.

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