Krystal Kills married Rok

Krystal Kills formerly of “Black Ink Crew” took to social media and accused her husband, Rok, of abandoning her.

Yes! They got married a month ago.

The newlywed posted a photo of Rok kissing her on the neck on their wedding day and the caption read, “How could you marry me just to abandon me! @rokmatick_ink.

In the comments, she added, “I’m sad y’all. Tell him I love him.”

Krystal shared another post of their wedding bands and wrote, “This was last month! He’s alive. I’m the one that’s dead to him.”

One commenter wrote, “How can we support this when you didn’t even let us know you was married?” 

Another person offered Krystal some much-needed advice.

“Bringing ur marriage issues to social media can only make it worse so If u hoping for a better outcome this ain’t it.” 

While Krystal Kills is spilling her feelings on her Instagram feed, Rok, whose real name is Joshua Whittaker, took to his Instagram Story and shared the following quote:

Before I give up on somebody, I try & I try & I try until it’s no more in me.

See the post below.

Rok - Krystal Kills

Krystal and Rok are co-owners of Gods of Ink Bayonne…

So, has he totally abandoned her and the business, or now are they just weird co-owners working together following a nasty breakup?

A few commenters assumed a new season of “Black Ink Crew” was on the way and all of this marriage drama is for a storyline.

But, you may recall that the show was yanked following Ceaser’s animal cruelty charge.

Jazmine Sullivan taught me that “forever don’t last always.”

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