'Black Ink Crew': Ceaser & Tati Get In A Heated Argument About Her Opening A Shop

In “Black Ink Crew” Season 10, Episode 8, Tatti Ritter popped up uninvited at a boot camp in Orlando, Florida, and she and Ceaser Emanuel get into a heated argument about her opening up a shop.

Ceaser didn’t invite Tatti to the boot camp because she took a mental health day on the same day he informed the team of the boot camp itinerary, and he took offense to her absence.

Vanity informed Tatti that she was not invited to the boot camp because she did not attend the mandatory meeting where the boot camp itinerary was discussed.

Tatti felt slighted when she found out that the focus of the boot camp was to educate and grow the future leaders of the brand because she felt like she’s been putting in work for years at her goal of opening up a Black Ink shop.

Tatti decided to pop up on the team in Florida even though she wasn’t invited.

She was met with some weird energy, which culminated in her and Ceaser getting into a heated argument about her opening up a Black Ink shop.

Ceaser told her that she just beat a fed case, he owes her nothing, he implied that she doesn’t give anything to the brand, and he randomly started pointing out team members claiming that they don’t like her.

Watch the clip from “Black Ink Crew” below:

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