JR Robinson and Angela Stanton-King (via Instagram)

Angela Stanton-King took to social media and posted a photo with Tamar Braxton‘s caucasian king, JR Robinson, along with a super messy message.

The caption on her post read:

Hey @tamarbraxton remember when you told my child he didn’t need me?!

Well last night I told your man that he didn’t need you 😁

Of course he agreed 💋

See Angela Stanton King’s original post below.

You may recall that Angela Staton-King served jail time on federal conspiracy charges for her role in a car theft ring. 

She later wrote a memoir, “Lies of a Real Housewife,” implicating Phaedra Parks and her ex-husband, Apollo Nida, as her alleged partners in crime. 

Phaedra filed a defamation lawsuit against Angela.

Angela was pardoned by Donald Trump during his presidency in 2020 and been his loyal follower ever since. 

That same year, she announced she was running against John Lewis for Congress.

But, Angela Stanton-King received the most attention for her relationship with her transgender daughter.

She appeared on the “Dr. Phil” show stating she will never “accept her son as a woman.” 

Clearly, Angela didn’t appreciate whatever Tamar Braxton had to say about her child.

And once again Colonel Sanders is in the middle of some messy mess between Black women.

Tamar took to her Instagram Story and posted the following scripture.

Tamar Braxton-Instagram- Story

First, Tommie Lee…now, this.

Chile…my second, third, and fourth-hand embarrassment for Tamar is just…SMH

UPDATE: JR Robinson took to the comment section of The Shade Room and called “cap” on Angela’s post.

He stated that he sponsored an event with Yung Joc and took photos with everyone.

JR said he doesn’t know Angela and they never spoke during their photo op.

JR Robinson Comments

I wonder if Tamar believes this…

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