Apollo Nida‘s fiancée, Sherien Almufti, was hospitalized for two days over the weekend after suffering an ectopic pregnancy.

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Sherien shared the news via social media and encouraged women to listen to their bodies and not to ignore any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Listen to your body friends….. Thursday was a wake up call for me! I never listen to my body, I pop a Motrin and keep it moving. But this time it wasn’t Motrin I actually screamed hospital.

What I thought was my second terrible menstrual was an ectopic pregnancy. Yes the second time my body was telling me bish go to the hospital. Ugh!

So 2 days in the hospital and thank God it was caught before it caused what is life threatening. Women, we are so strong and stubborn at the same time.

We need to know when to STOP and take care of ourselves. Thank you to those who have been extremely supportive! Love y’all ❤️ #takecareofyourself

See her original post below:


An ectopic pregnancy most often occurs in a fallopian tube, which carries eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. This type of ectopic pregnancy is called a tubal pregnancy. Sometimes, an ectopic pregnancy occurs in other areas of the body, such as the ovary, abdominal cavity or the lower part of the uterus (cervix), which connects to the vagina.

An ectopic pregnancy can’t proceed normally. The fertilized egg can’t survive, and the growing tissue may cause life-threatening bleeding, if left untreated.

Sending prayers to Sherien and wishing her a speedy recovery.