Jessie Woo via YouTube, Tamar Braxton and JR Robinson via Instagram

Jessie Woo took to YouTube after Tamar Braxton unfollowed her on Instagram with a Story Time about Tamar threatening to kill her friend over JR Robinson.

Tamar Braxton Threatens To ‘Delete’ Jessie Woo’s Friend

According to Jessie, Tamar reached out to her in November – absolutely livid – because JR told her Jessie’s friend tried to holla at him at an event.

In her YouTube video, Jessie Woo shared a screenshot of the text messages she received from Tamar Braxton where she is threatening to kill the girl. 

The text reads:

“Your home girl tried to talk to Jr last night…I will personally kill that b—. Ion play these Atlanta games.” 

When Jessie, who was confused by the text, tried to get more information about what was going on, Tamar texted:

Ask your brown skin friend. I’ll have her head. ANYDAY. Don’t play with me. I’m so serious.

Let me find her name. Ion do this fake a— Atlanta s—.

Don’t play in my fckn face like that. This when I get real serious.

That’s what your friend said to him last night.

Tamar added, “I will kill that b—. Y’all will find her….I’ll hurt that b— and her mama.”

See Tamar Braxton’s threatening text messages to Jessie Woo below.

Jessie Woo explained the event in question was a Black women’s event and asked why JR Robinson would even be there.

And then he leaves a space that was dedicated to honoring Black women…then he goes to you and he starts some s— between you and I…and my friend,” she added.

Jessie said after Tamar demanded the girl’s information she gave her the girl’s DM and Tamar – after all of that tough talk – never said a word to her.

You never checked her the way that you said you were going to check her. You not that. You not that,” Jessie Woo said.

When it comes to JR Robinson, Jessie Woo said, “It’s giving this White guy is thirsty and the only time he gets any promotion and any leverage in the public eye is when he frolics Black women.”

Jessie said it’s “despicable” that JR would try to sow division and drama between her and Tamar knowing that they both work together at Dish Nation. 

You’re looking for two Black girls…potentially three Black girls to fight and you be at the root – it’s giving racism to me. Point. Blank. Period.” 

She continued:

I’m going through that behind closed doors and I’m seeing what he’s doing publicly and I’m like, ‘Yeah, this MF is thirsty for Black attention.’

Nobody in his community is covering him.

He doesn’t get this coverage from anybody else.

He only gets talked about when he’s in our mix and I have an issue with that.

Yes, I do. 

Tamar Braxton ultimately unfollowed Jessie Woo on social media and they haven’t said anything to each other at Dish Nation.

Jessie also noted that she believes Tamar has an “embarrassment kink” and she’s “obsessed with mess.”

Watch Jessie Woo’s full Story Time below.

Social Media Reacts

Tamar Braxton is currently trending on Twitter as folks take to their timelines to share their thoughts on the situation.

Many are disappointed in Tamar’s actions, but they’re also questioning Jessie’s integrity.

Read a few tweets below.

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