Robert Hartwell in 'Breaking New Ground' on Max (Courtesy of Max)

Max is set to premiere a new and inspiring series, “Breaking New Ground,” on Thursday, June 27.

This six-episode series promises to be a captivating journey of transformation, history, and resilience, featuring Broadway performer, entrepreneur, and educator Robert Hartwell.

About ‘Breaking New Ground’

Breaking New Ground” follows Robert Hartwell as he takes on the formidable task of renovating a 200-year-old house with a rich but complicated history.

Hartwell’s mission is not just about restoring a physical structure, but also about creating a home filled with love and honoring the stories of those who came before him.

Each episode will highlight the challenges and triumphs of this renovation, providing a heartfelt narrative that celebrates perseverance and the power of history.

The Journey of Transformation

The series delves deep into Hartwell’s personal journey, reflecting his resilience and determination.

As a Broadway performer, entrepreneur, and educator, Hartwell brings a unique perspective to the renovation process, making “Breaking New Ground” more than just a typical home makeover show.

It’s a story of reclaiming and repurposing a piece of history, turning it into something meaningful and contemporary.

Hartwell’s Vision

Robert Hartwell’s passion for this project shines through as he navigates the ups and downs of transforming the 200-year-old house.

“This house has a story, and I’m honored to be a part of its new chapter,” Hartwell says. “It’s not just about bricks and mortar, but about creating a space that reflects the love and resilience of those who came before us.”

A Collaborative Effort

Breaking New Ground” is a collaboration between Scott Brothers Entertainment and OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

The series is executive produced and hosted by Robert Hartwell, with Drew Scott, Jonathan Scott, Jane Van Deuren, Damani Baker, and Josie Crimi also serving as executive producers.

The combined expertise of these industry veterans ensures a production that is both high-quality and deeply engaging.

Release Date

The series will debut on Max on Thursday, June 27, with new episodes released weekly through August 1.

Each episode promises to bring new insights into the renovation process, the history of the house, and Hartwell’s journey.

Watch ‘The Breaking New Ground’ Trailer

Breaking New Ground” is set to be a must-watch series for anyone interested in home renovation, history, and personal transformation.

With Robert Hartwell at the helm, viewers can expect an emotional and inspiring journey that goes beyond the surface, exploring the deeper meanings of home and heritage.

Don’t miss the premiere on June 27, and be sure to tune in every Thursday for a new episode through August 1.

Join Robert Hartwell as he breaks new ground and transforms a piece of history into a home filled with love and resilience.

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