Tamar Braxton-Jeremy JR Robinson
Tamar Braxton and JR Robinson (Photo by: Nathan Bolster/Peacock)

Tamar Braxton sold us a dream when she said she and JR Robinson was going to take us out of the group chat. 

On Wednesday, she took to her Instagram Story to publicly apologize to her Caucasian King after her interview with Carlos King hurt his feelings. 

During her interview, Tamar talked about her “hoe phase,” laughed as Carlos made “Colonel Sanders” jokes about JR, and kiki’d while acknowledging that the public “doesn’t like her man.”

JR released a spicy warning via Instagram about “poking the bear.” 

Tamar Braxton fell on her sword for love in the streets of Instagram on Wednesday with a heartfelt apology for hurting JR Robinson.

Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson and Tamar Braxton via Instagram

She wrote: 

When you truly Love someone, Hurting the person that you love is far worse than being hurt BY the one you love.

I’m now to true love and loving myself. I’m so sorry that it’s you that has to feel the trial and error 💔🥺.

I wish for the opportunity to give an apology and be forgiven for it ALL.

In relationships, we take being forgiven for granted.

It’s a blessing to be able to say I’m sorry and see another day in the war of Love in this together.

No matter how much I feel like I was right… you felt wronged. And I gotta respect that.

I’m not embarrassed for being open about how I feel. I’m embarrassed of how I made you feel.

I’m sorry 😞❤️ TBR

See Tamar’s apology below.

Tamar Braxton apologizes to JR Robinson

I guess we’re never going to be removed from the group chat. 

At this point, mute the thread.

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