JR Robinson-Tommie Lee date
Tommie Lee, JR Robinson via Instagram

Jeremy “JR” Robinson is confessing in the streets of Al Gore’s internet more than Usher in 2004.

Tamar Braxton‘s Caucasian King took to Instagram over the weekend to take accountability for going on a date with Tommie Lee to an Atlanta Hawks game after his split from Tamar.

Now, I thought he already addressed this when he publicly vowed to love Tamar for the rest of his life, but here we are again.

“JR” took to his Instagram Story writing:

As a man I stand on being accountable…I never should have gone out with that lady. I never should have had conversations with her. I regret all of it! I should have never done that to Tamar.

She is an amazing woman. I did some dumb s— while I was single. I love her and I’m glad to have my woman back. This too shall pass and I’ll spend the rest of my life protecting my queen. 

See the Jeremy “JR” Robinson’s original post below.

Jeremy JR Robinson Instagram Story Tommie Lee (2)

I don’t know why my Spidey senses are telling me Tamar wrote this message of atonement for Jeremy “JR” Robinson.

Does anyone else think so?

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