Sexyy Red denies supporting Trump

Sexyy Red is setting the record straight after her performance prop at Hot 97’s Summer Jam over the weekend caused quite a bit of chatter online. 

The 26-year-old St. Louis rapper, hit the stage of the New York City annual festival with a red “Make America Sexxy Again” hat.

The prop immediately drew ire from some who felt like the “SkeeYee” was supporting Donald Trump, the convicted felon who is seeking re-election this November.

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One person tweeted: 

While some people may write it off as simple fun, Sexyy Red has previously stated in an interview with comedian and podcaster Theo Von that she loves Trump and he needs to be back in office, even going so far as to say they love Trump in the hood.

She mentions stimulus checks as her main reasoning.

It would be hard to fathom that a Black woman who is on a song that casually mentions abortion and who is the survivor of a sexual assault would have another reason to like him.

Here’s the Theo Von podcast clip mentioned…

See more Twitter reactions below.

Sexyy Red took to Twitter to set the record straight regarding her effort to rebrand the MAGA hat.

I guess we all have to deal with the consequences of y’all making Sexyy Red famous.

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