Jason Lee and Jennifer Hudson via Twitter

Jason Lee is trending on Twitter as the public reacts to him calling Jennifer Hudson “illiterate.”

The name-calling took place on Tuesday morning when Jason served as guest host of “The Breakfast Club.

Jason was reporting on Jeannie Mai’s appearance on the “Jennifer Hudson Show” where she opened up about allegedly being blindsided by Jeezy’s divorce filing

He then said, “She went on the ‘Jennifer Hudson Show’ because that’s where you go when you want to get your word across…I guess.

Charlamagne Tha God appeared to be taken aback by the jab and said, “Damn,” under his breath.

That’s when Jason Lee said, “We all know Jennifer Hudson is illiterate.” 

Watch the clip below.

Folks have taken to their X (formerly Twitter) timelines to sound off about Jason Lee calling Jennifer Hudson “illiterate.”

One person tweeted: 

The insufferable Jason Lee loves to talk s— about black women. He probably wishes he was in Jennifer Hudson’s place. She actually gets quality guests on her show AND is an EGOT winner.

Someone else wrote:

Time and time Jason lee proves he don’t like black women! When y’all gon stop giving this clown a platform! Calling Jennifer Hudson illiterate is CRAZY!

Another person tweeted:

I hate all of you who gave Jason Lee a platform and have made him feel emboldened enough to disrespect black women the way he does.

See more tweets below.

Jennifer Hudson, who is probably enjoying quality time with her man, Common, or is dusting off her EGOT awards, has not publicly acknowledged Jason Lee or responded to his disrespect.

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