Jeannie Mai on the "Jennifer Hudson Show" via YouTube

Jeannie Mai was blindsided by Jeezy’s divorce filing? During an appearance on the “Jennifer Hudson Show,” she said that she found out about the filing “at the same time as the rest of the world.” 

I found out on my way to get a 90-minute massage, but this isn’t about me…

Jeannie Mai went on to share that she was “gutted” to learn her marriage was ending in divorce

Today, it’s about picking up the pieces, discovering me, and being a mom to the best blessing in my life, my little girl. 

She went on to say, “Even though this year, I met the most broken version of me. I also met the strongest version of me.”

From there, Jeannie goes on to gush about her and Jeezy’s adorable baby girl, Monaco.

Watch the interview clip below. 

Sources on Jeezy’s side of the fence are calling CAP on Jeannie Mai being blindsided by the divorce

You may recall that the rapper, whose real name is Jay Jenkins, told Nia Long during their acclaimed sit-down that he and Jeannie had gone to therapy before he decided to end their marriage. 

Nia responded, “Well then, s—, you tried.” 

Unfortunately, Jeezy and Jeannie Mai’s divorce appears to be getting uglier by the day.

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