Jennifer Hudson Becomes A Member Of The EGOT Club

Jennifer Hudson became a member of the EGOT club Sunday night (June 12) with her Tony win for the musical, “A Strange Loop.”

J Hud was a co-producer on the musical. 

She has now won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and a Tony Award in her career, and she joins an elite club of fewer than 20 people who have accomplished such an amazing accolade.

Back in 2020, Jennifer joked with People magazine about winning an Oscar and a Grammy after naming her dogs after the awards.

I got a dog and named it Oscar, and then I won my Oscar.

And then I got a dog and named it Grammy, and then I won my Grammy.

So I think I should get some dogs and name them Emmy and Tony — and it’ll give me good luck, and I’ll win (they’re) like my good luck charms.

Jennifer Hudson’s EGOT resumé includes:

  • 2007 Oscar – Best Supporting Actress for Dreamgirls.
  • 2009 Grammy – Best R&B Album for her self-titled album Jennifer Hudson.
  • 2017 Grammy – Best Musical Theatre Album for The Color Purple.
  • 2021 Daytime Emmy – The animated short Baba Yag which she helped voice and co-produced.
  • 2022 Tony – The musical “A Strange Loop,” co-producer.

From the moment she started singing at her “American Idol” audition, the world knew she was a star, but God had much bigger plans.

Congratulations to Jennifer Hudson for becoming the 17th member of the EGOT club.

Source: CNN

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