Master P Pulls Up On ‘The Breakfast Club’ Pushing Product & Deflecting Beef

Master P pulled up on “The Breakfast Club,” seemingly, to address beef, but he was more focused on pushing his products.

Breakfast Club” hosts Charlamagne and DJ Envy said they had another guest scheduled this morning (February 27), but Master P pulled up on them in the lobby and told them he had a few things to talk about.

Naturally, Charlamagne and Envy probably thought that it would be a great opportunity for Master P to publicly address his recent issues with his son, Romeo, and comedian, Jess Hilarious, who claimed the mogul owes her $15,000.

But, the interview turned into Master P pushing his products and deflecting the questions regarding his public issues.

He never directly answered any of the questions about people saying they were wronged by him financially. 

He admitted that he doesn’t have all the answers and has failed many times in life, but he has learned from his mistakes and become successful.

He blamed the media for reporting on issues without having a full understanding of the situation, and he seemed baffled by why individuals are bringing up issues now that happened years ago.

P said that he’s done with the nasty, dirty, music business, and he’s focused on the product business.

 I want to leave on this note… Farewell to this mess because the music industry now, man, it’s gossip, it’s nasty, it’s dirty… This ain’t what I want to be in.

I’m an older person that’s doing something that can help change lives, give people opportunity, and that’s what this about.

We got to fight this hate with love.

Watch the Master P interview from “The Breakfast Club” below.

Master P is currently trending on Twitter as people react to his interview.

One person tweeted, “Master P didn’t come to clear the air about no contracts & artists, he tryna sell that cereal 😂”

Another person wrote, “Master P is becoming very unlikable… you’re a legend, don’t lose ya respect out here by f**kin over people… karma too real and comes in many forms.”

Read a few more tweets below.

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