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The Washington Post has released a feature on Tiffany Haddish where she opens up about her miscarriages, releasing an album, opening a grocery store, and her relationship with Common.

The comedian and actress has had a Six Flags over Great Adventure rollercoaster career and personal life since her breakout role in Girls Trip.

Below I have highlighted five takeaways from the feature. 

Tiffany Haddish recently suffered a miscarriage.

During her interview with The Washington Post, the 43-year-old, who took parenting classes last year so she could adopt, revealed she had a miscarriage the previous Wednesday. 

While making an OB/GYN appointment the doctor’s nurse asked her if she was okay and Tiffany replied:

Well, I’m going to be honest with you.

This would be my eighth one.

I’ve got a uterus shaped like a heart.

It just won’t keep anything in.

Tiffany only shared the news of her miscarriage with one close friend. 

I don’t want people saying: ‘Are you okay? Are you all right?’

Like a wounded animal, I just rather go in a cave by myself.

Lick my wounds.

She’s working on a Broadway play based on “The Last Black Unicorn.”  

Tiffany Haddish is working with the legendary Whoopi Goldberg to turn her best-selling 2017 memoir into a Broadway production. 

The ladies played mother and daughter in Tyler Perry’s 2018 film, Nobody’s Fool

You may recall, Tiffany previously shared her special connection with Whoopi. 

Tiffany Haddish recorded an album with Snoop Dogg and plans to release it on Death Row Records.

Snoop gushed about the aspiring recording artist saying:

I watched her hustle, struggle to get to the top of the mountain.

I watched her take a couple of hits and then find herself climbing back.

Now music is another mountaintop she wants to try to climb.

Tiffany Haddish’s album will feature the track, “Look Alike,” featuring Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne.

In the song, she raps, “This what fame looks like. This what success looks like. This what money looks like. It’s what it looks like, what it looks like.”

The project will also feature, “Pick It Up,” with E-40.

She is also trying to give back with a very ambitious project.

Tiffany Haddish, who is set to star in Disney’s Haunted Mansion, is raising $25 million to build a healthful food market. 

The market will be part of an educational and commercial complex in Los Angeles’ Crenshaw neighborhood. 

I’ve always dreamed of being in a Disney movie, and this is the biggest movie I’ve ever been in.

But it’s not as important as the grocery store.

I don’t know if movies change people’s lives.

Tiffany shared her vision for the grocery market. 

There will be specialty things and a normal market and a nonprofit-like educational component, where people can take cooking classes and a financial literacy class.

I’m a firm believer that once you understand how money works, once you understand how food works, you become a healthier, happier human being.

And when you’re healthier and happier, the family’s healthier and happier, and the community’s healthier and happier.

Tiffany Haddish said Common was one of the “healthiest and funnest” relationships she’s ever had.

She met the rapper and actor, whose real name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn, on the set of The Kitchen, a film she co-starred in with Melissa McCarthy and Elisabeth Moss.

It’s where I felt safest out of all the relationships I’ve ever had.

So safe that they even took their romance to social media. 

But, things eventually began to change. 

After dating for a year, during the pandemic, Common switched up when outside was back open.

He didn’t invite Tiffany to a concert in New York and he attended Barack Obama’s birthday party solo.

But, the icing on the cake was when he didn’t even invite Tiffany to his own birthday party. 

Tiffany Haddish says her split from Common, who is now rumored to be dating Jennifer Hudson, was not mutual. 

In fact, he called and broke up with her over the phone. 

It wasn’t mutual. It was more him saying, ‘I think this relationship has run its course.’

And I was like, ‘Okay.

Like you gonna be a 50-year-old single man. Okay?’

Tiffany admits she’s still hopeful when it comes to love although it has been pretty disappointing.

I’m a pretty positive person, and I’m here to have an experience.

I would love to have a partner to experience it with.

But also, I guess I’ve been alone for so long. And so used to being abandoned, I expect it.

Which is sad, right?

If interested, you can Tiffany Haddish’s full feature in The Washington Post.

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