Love & Hip Hop: Miami - Shay Johnson gets rid of baby's father Fabo

Shay Johnson took to social media to let the public know that she got rid of her foolish baby’s father, Fabo.

On Monday night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami,” Shay brought her daughter’s father and her mother together hoping they would peace things up after their disagreement at Shajiyah’s first birthday party.

Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse when Fabo doubled down on his disrespect of Shay’s mother to the point of security getting involved.

Shay Johnson Gets Rid Of Fabo

Shay Johnson went live to discuss the status of her relationship with her daughter’s father saying:

I seen a lot of disrespect and ignorance coming a fool. And that was my fault for making a bad choice and decision. Just know that I get rid of fools in my life.

Idiots, ignorant individuals. But, ain’t nobody going to ever come before my mama – know that! Regardless of what our differences are. Ain’t no man…nobody…I don’t care who are…will ever come before my mama.

Shay went on to explain it was her first time seeing Fabian’s full convo with her mother when the show aired. 

When my mother sat down and had a conversation with a fool I was nowhere around. I was in another whole separate location, which is fine.

So, I seen a lot of stuff that y’all seen last night and I’m all like…I was ready to jump through the TV screen just like y’all. I wanted to do some things that would probably put me in jail.

Watch the clip of Shay Johnson discussing her disrespectful baby’s father below. 

Shay also shared an appreciation post for her mother. 

The caption on the post read: 

Mommy I Love You!! You can NEVER be replaced. NO MAN can keep me from you!! I ONLY HAVE ONE MOTHER!!

A #Narcissist will always reveal himself!!

See the Instagram post below. 

Social Media Reacts

Love & Hip Hop: Miami” viewers took to Twitter to sound off about Fabo’s disrespect towards Shay’s mother.

Read a few tweets below.

I am happy Shay Johnson made the right decision because I was a little taken aback when she left with Fabian after he cursed out her mother.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or join the convo on our socials. (Facebook, Instagram).

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