Cardi B

Cardi B took to the streets of social media and implored people to leave her alone because she has receipts that will “bring the internet into shambles.”

The Grammy Award-winning “Bongos” rapper didn’t specify who or what the receipts are about, but her warning comes on the heels of leaked footage from an unreleased Kanye West documentary where he called Cardi a “plant by the Illuminati.”

Ye goes on to say:

She don’t write her own raps. She just there to sound as ignorant as possible. And then makes songs like ‘f*** ’em and then get some money.

She literally replaced Nicki Minaj. Purposely, they put her there. And now, she doesn’t know what to do.

She has no idea what the f*** is going on. She thinks it’s just a blessing from the universe. Ain’t no blessing from the f****** universe.

Cardi B reacted to the leaked clip by posting her own clip from Kanye’s January 2022 interview with Jason Lee, where he said, “I always believed in her since she was on the show, period.”

Apparently, the leaked clip of Kanye trashing Cardi has served as a doorway and ammunition for her haters to attack her.

But, the “Jealousy” rapper took to social media with a stern warning – if you don’t leave her alone, she’s going to drop her own receipts that will leave the internet in “shambles.”

I will f****** bring this internet into f******* shambles, b****! I’ve been trying not to disappoint my fans because I’ve been trying to be Cardi B the professional. But, Belcalis the demon…it be really close to come out. And I don’t want that because I don’t want to disappoint my fans.

Imma just say this…People love Cinderella til Cinderella get a glass house. And let me keep it cute. And to my haters and y’all motherf****** that want to see mess: leave me the f*** alone. Because I come with receipts. I come with receipts – years old receipts. I got receipts on all you n***** and b******!

And I will f****** bring this internet into f****** shambles, b****! You don’t even f******* know! It will be crazy! So let me keep it cute. I have matured. Keep me there. Cuz I will f******* this s*** will go down, b****! I will land a motherf****** hello in this b****! Facts.

Watch the clip below as Cardi B issues her warning.

Hopefully, folks will leave Cardi B alone so that her receipts will remain in her vault.

What I will say is the leaked clips of Kanye West trashing all of the people he has worked with and praised publicly reaffirms how fake the entertainment industry is.

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