‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’: Sukihana Breaks Down In Tears After A Bad Radio Interview

In Season 5, Episode 10 of “Love & Hip Hop Miami,” Sukihana became very emotional after an interview at 99 Jamz with Supa Cindy took a hard left turn.

Supa Cindy is known as the “Voice of Miami,” and she hosts “The Afternoon Get Down” show on 99 Jamz.

At the very beginning of the interview, Supa and Suki appeared to be industry friends, but when Suki realized that Supa only wanted to focus on some of the ratchet events of her past and not her rebrand and the success of her song “Casamigos,” she became frustrated, snatched Supa’s interview notes, and cursed her out.

After reminding Supa of some of her ratchet activity, Suki left the studio feeling exploited.

Later in the episode, Suki went to her sister to vent about what happened at the radio interview.

She told her sister that she felt like she made a mistake, but she is human, and she feels it’s unfair how she gets judged on social media.

I felt like she was using a hard moment to exploit me.

Maybe she though because I’m so tough that she may have thought that it wouldn’t affect me, but it did.

Because actually, behind Sukihana, we have a actual human, who cries, who bleeds the same the same blood that y’all bleed, who gets cut, who has wounds.

I cussed her out so bad that I cried and I cried because, why?… I made a mistake in the past. It was a mistake.

I did something that I don’t want to regret because I did it. Why would you bring that up?

What the —— am I supposed to do?

I don’t want to be a victim to the world I want to be a strong person, and it hurts so bad.

It’s just, I made a mistake.

It just hurts me so much.

I’m not just a celebrity. I have a real life and I make mistakes like everybody else.

Suki’s sister attempted to console and reassure her, but Suki got up off the couch and went into another room crying.

The producers intervened and asked Suki if she was okay, and she told them sometimes she feels like giving up because people keep bringing up her past, and she is under a lot of pressure.

She then begged the producers to cut the cameras.

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In the solo breakaway shots, Suki said:

Some people have thoughts about how I should conduct myself, but it hurts when someone goes on social media in the comments talking about me for no reason.

Looking back, I feel like it could’ve be handled different, but even though I’m living in my truth, things can still trigger me, they can still hurt my feelings, I still cry, I’m human.

Sometimes the pressure of being Suki is relentless.

At the end of the day, everybody know me, I’m viral, I’m everywhere, but people need to except Sukihana and Destiny because I’m still a human.

So, people might think I have this tough skin, but I still have regrets.

Watch the clip of Sukihana venting to her sister from S5, E10, of “Love & Hip Hop Miami” below:

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