‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’: Vonshae Taylor-Morales Tries To Put The Paws On Amara La Negra Over Friendship

In Episode 7, of “Love & Hip Hop Miami” Season 5, Gunplay’s wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, tried to fight Amara La Negra for not checking on her for two weeks while she was going through a lot in her life.

The verbal attack came while Vonshae and Amara were at a poker party hosted by Ray J’s wife, Princess Love.

Shay Johnson, Sukihana, and rapper Future’s baby mama, Eliza Reign, were also in attendance at the poker party, even though Princess appeared to be the only one who knew how to play poker.

Things were chill until Vonshae randomly called Amara out.

I need to talk to Amara’s a**!

Yes, b**ch because you avoiding the elephant in the room, which is me.

I hope you’re a better friend to her than you’ve been to me.

Vonshae was referencing Eliza who Amara invited to the poker party.

Amara was clearly caught off guard and she questioned Vonshae as to why she doesn’t think she’s a good friend.

Vonshae explained she’s been going through a lot in her personal life, and Amara never called her once.

Vonshae said she makes it a point to always check on Amara and her mother.

Amara tried to explain that she’s been dealing with some personal things in her life as well, and she didn’t think that a poker party was the proper setting to bring up this type of conversation.

Vonshae started over-talking Amare, and Amare told her she didn’t need to be coming at her with that type of attitude, and weirdly, Vonshae jumped up, ready to fight.

Production security had to separate Vonshae and Amara, and during that process, Vonshae managed to throw a drink at Amara.

Security then placed Amara outside of the apartment in a hallway until Vonshae left.

Watch the clip of S5, E7 from “Love & Hip Hop Miami” below.

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