‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’: Vonshae Taylor-Morales Uses Safaree To Expose Amara La Negra

In Season 5, Episode 11 of “Love & Hip Hop Miami,” Vonshae Taylor-Morales used Safaree to expose Amara La Negra at Shay Johnson’s event.

In the middle of Shay’s “Healthy Hand” event, in a room full of people, Vonshae grabbed a microphone, went on stage, and said:

So, if you guys don’t know me, I’m Vonshae, I’m Gunplay’s wife.

My daughter, she was born with a rare heart defect, she went into open heart surgery, nine days old.

If it wasn’t for Shay, I don’t know where my family would be right now.

She got me out of a really dark spot in my life.

And I don’t know how to ever thank you for that.

But, as we’re talking about true friends and support and this, right?…

I have another friend, her name is Amara.

She’s not here today because she’s a b***h!

She’s a coward, and she don’t want to see me.

So, let me tell y’all what’s going on… You guys all know the comments and seen the blogs with my family.

And little do all you guys know, I was going through postpartum, serious depression, at the time she needed a second surgery, so we’re going back and forth to doctors, and where is my friend?

You want to know where my friend were?

We like receipts don’t we?

Vonshae then looks at her phone as if she’s trying to pull up something on it, and she tells Safaree to come here.

A nervous Safaree goes to the stage, and Vonshae hands him her phone, and says, “I would like you to read this out loud.”

Safaree reads the message to himself silently and his jaw drops. He then asks Vonshae, “Is this real?”

Vonshae responds, “Read that s–!

Safaree reads, in front of a room full of people:

That baby should’ve died waiting on you to pay for that surgery… was right, why ain’t it dead?

Vonshae then said, “Please let everyone know Amara’s response to this comment.”

Safaree then responded, “It has laughing emojis.”

In a fit of rage, Vonshae then said to the crowd:

You see the s– I have to go through!

This is someone who has held my child. This is someone whose seen my daughter’s heart hurting out of her chest.

That b— gotta see me!

She gotta see me, Shay!

During Vonshae’s rage response to Amara’s laughing emojis, an embarrassed Safaree slowly made his way through the crowd and out of the venue.

Based on the context clues of this interaction, Amara responded to a vile comment about Vonshae’s baby on social media with laughing emojis, and this is why Vonshae has been trying to fight Amara every chance she gets this season.

Watch the clip of Vonshae using Safaree to expose Amara in Season 5, Episode 11, of “Love & Hip Hop Miami” below:

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