Shay Johnson Seeks Advice On Instagram After Her Man Disrespects Her Mom On ‘Love & Hip Hop Miami'

Shay Johnson took to Instagram to ask her followers how they would’ve handled their man disrespecting their mom.

The “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star captioned her post: 

Last night’s episode of @loveandhiphop #Miami … How would you have handled a situation between your #MOMMY and your #MAN ??

During the episode, Shay’s man, Fabo, was approached by her mom about taking a dog back that she had been keeping for them for a year.

Before the confrontation, Shay explained that Fabo couldn’t stand the dog, so she asked her mom if she could take care of the dog for a year until they could figure things out with their new baby.

Shay’s mom agreed, but the year was up, and she decided to address the issue with Fabo at her granddaughter’s first birthday party.

In so many words, Fabo told her that he was not taking the dog back, but the conversation got really disrespectful when he told her:

Let me tell you this mom… Cause I don’t even want to rude to you, but f**k that dog, okay.

And, I’m not talking about that dog no more. That’s the end of that

Shay’s brother came over to defend his mother, and he and Fabo started arguing.

Watch the clip from below.

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See pics of Shay’s dog below:

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