Shannon Sharpe First Take Makeup

Shannon Sharpe was trending in the streets of social media on Monday after he popped up on “First Take” with alarming makeup. 

The 55-year-old Pro Football Hall of Famer initially addressed the chatter via Twitter writing: 

Appreciate the concern over my makeup this morning on @FirstTake. This was her 1st time doing my makeup and it was a little heavy.

My appearance is important not as important as my takes. Hopefully, the takes were gr8 as usual. #LipSparringChamp #BestDressed #Espn

See his original tweet below. 

Shannon Sharpe Discusses Makeup Mishap On ‘Nightcap’

Later that evening, Unc discussed the faux pas during his Nightcap” podcast with Ochocinco and it was pure comedy!

Shannon said: 

Today, this lady added some makeup that I don’t normally wear and I’m a dark-skinned fella. 

Make a long story short – I’m Black – ain’t no dark skin – I’m Black!

I leave fingerprints on charcoal. You get what I’m saying!

And so she put on a little heavy. Little heavy…little heavy…little heavy…little heavy! It was Joe Benjamin they got me damn! 

They killing me today! 

Unc admitted, “Your boy was out there kinda bad today I ain’t gone even lie! She had my lips like I was pulling on a tailpipe!

Watch the hilarious clip below. 

Twitter Reactions

And yes, Shannon Sharpe is absolutely correct – Twitter had a field day with his makeup massacre. 

Read a few tweets below.

Listen! Bad makeup will have you looking like you’re heading to the Crossroads with Uncle Charles, y’all.

It was an unfortunate incident for Shannon Sharpe but he took it in stride and extended grace to the makeup artist.

Gotta love Unc for that!

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