Ochocinco- Shannon Sharpe

In a forthcoming episode of “Nightcaps with Unc and Ocho,” Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, one of the most frugal former NFL players in the world, debated with Shannon Sharpe about flying private vs. flying commercial.

Shannon Sharpe told Ochocinco he made a promise to Deion Sanders, coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, that he would be at his first home game.

Shannon decided to take a private jet to the game.

Before he arrived in Colorado, Shannon posted a picture on IG of him on the private jet, sitting up in a bed, eating breakfast, along with the caption:

I done fell asleep on the PJ, woke up, had breakfast in bed, and landed in Boulder, CO all before 7AM!

See Shannon’s original IG post below.

Ocho seemed to be triggered by this post.

Shannon tried to explain to Ocho that he works hard so he can enjoy his money.

Ocho tried to explain to Shannon that he could’ve gotten from point A to point B much cheaper on Spirit.

When Shannon told Ocho it cost $10,000 to $15,000 an hour to fly on a G6 private jet, Ocho cursed and told Shannon that he flies round-trip on Spirit for $80.

Watch the Ocho and Shannon debate from “Nightcaps with Unc and Ocho,” below:

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