Shannon Sharpe - Stephen A. Smith - Molly Qerim - First Take

Old habits are hard to break! Shannon Sharpe made his debut on ESPN’s “First Take on Monday and accidentally called Stephen A. Smith “Skip” more than once.

While the flubs may have been embarrassing – it’s totally understandable. 

The ‘Undisputed‘ Impact

For seven years, Shannon has sat across from Skip Bayless on FS1’s “Undisputed” and debated everything in the world of sports. 

After Skip’s shenanigans seemingly tarnished their professional and personal relationship, Shannon made his exit from the show in June.

When Shannon experienced his Freudian slips Stephen A., who previously co-hosted “First Take” with Skip Bayless, was totally understanding and reassured him that it was “okay.”

Watch the clip below. 

Despite Shannon Sharpe’s minor missteps, he made a great debut on “First Take.” 

He and Stephen A. Smith started their shenanigans before the show began. 

Molly Qerim was also excited to welcome Unc to the “First Take” family. 

Stephen A. Smith was cutting up during the broadcast. 

Twitter Reactions

Read a few Twitter reactions to Shannon Sharpe’s “First Take” debut below.

With change, we must allow grace for adjustments!

I’m so excited about this new chapter for Shannon Sharpe!

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