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Club Shay Shay

Brittany Renner recently stopped by “Club Shay Shay” and left Shannon Sharpe stunned when she told him she had sex with 35 men.

Who is Brittany Renner?

Brittany Renner is a 31-year-old internet personality who quickly became popular with the fellas for her good looks and bangin bawdy.

But, when she’s trending on Twitter (X) you can bet your bottom dollar it’s for all of the wrong reasons.

In May 2021, Brittany welcomed a son with Charlotte Hornets forward, P.J. Washington.

The internet had a field day with the news after a video resurfaced of her advising women to sleep with an athlete if they want to get a check because athletes are “really dumb.”

Shannon Sharpe was excited to welcome Brittany to “Club Shay Shay.”

The NFL Hall of Famer shared the photo of them above along with the caption, “Brittany Renner had the club turnt!” 

Body Count Confessions

While on the topic of dating, Shannon Sharpe tip-toed around asking Brittany if it was hard for her to date because she’s been around the block.

Brittany began by pointing out the double standard and used Derek Jeter and his infamous “dating diamond” as her example.

She went on to say that her “dating pool is impressive” and “expansive.”

Brittany told Shannon, “I’ve had sex with 35 guys. Okay?”

Unc was totally caught off guard by the information and began to throw back drinks while uttering, “Oh, Lord!” 

Brittany seemed amused and asked, “Impressive isn’t it?

If I’m judged for having great taste,” she added. 

Shannon Sharpe continued to drink as he tried to regain his composure. 

He said, “Anybody else need a shot of this? We are in a bar so help yourself. We got this for the next hour!

Watch the clip below. 

Social Media Reactions

Folks are scratching their heads and wondering why Shannon Sharpe would welcome Brittany Renner as a guest on his popular podcast.

Actor Dondré Whitfield commented, “Why??????? Come on fam! Smh. Hard pass.”

Comedian Jay Pharoah wrote, “Run bro……RUN!”

Read more social media reactions below.

For those asking why Shannon Sharpe would interview Brittany Renner…the answer is pretty obvious.

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