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In a recent interview, Stephen A. Smith revealed Shannon Sharpe didn’t want to leave “Undisputed” with Skip Bayless.

He was pushed out,” Stephen A. said on Wednesday’s episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast.”

Shannon Sharpe co-hosted “Undisputed” alongside Skip Bayless for seven years before saying farewell in June.

Stephen A. Smith, who once co-hosted ESPN’s “First Take” with Skip, made it immediately known that he would love to have Shannon come work with him.

When Joe Budden asked Stephen A. if he felt the move was a jab at Skip, he responded, “I didn’t look at it that way.”

I would have looked at it that way if Shannon left of his own volition. I’m telling you he didn’t. I’m telling you he was pushed out. Well, I’m telling you and it’s fact.

Now, they can deny it – he wouldn’t I can promise you that. He was pushed out. He didn’t want to leave.

He was notified that ‘Your services would no longer be needed.’ But again, that’s his story to tell.

But, I’m telling you what I know. I’m telling you facts.  

Watch the clip below.

As of September 4, Shannon Sharpe now joins Stephen A. Smith twice a week as a guest co-host on “First Take.”

Things are going well and the two make for great TV together.

Stephen A. defended Shannon after online trolls made a big deal out of him accidentally calling Stephen A. “Skip” on a few broadcasts.

Unc posted a photo of himself and Stephen A. on Wednesday along with the caption, “This just feels good man, I feel right at home.”

It’s always best to be where you are loved and celebrated…not where you’re simply being tolerated.

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